ClipEdit Version History

3.0.3 (12/11/06)

- Fixed copy causing a picture clipping image to flip.
- Cutting a selection in a picture clipping now always works as expected.

3.0.2 (12/9/06)

- Now includes a Finder contextual menu to quickly open clippings in ClipEdit.
- Now supports viewing high DPI images.
- Fixed drag and drop of images into picture clipping windows.
- Fixed PDF importing in the picture clippings.
- Fixed saving text clippings that started with a return character.

3.0.1 (6/26/06)

- Correctly saves text clippings with fonts that are Oblique.
- Correctly saves empty text clippings.
- Zooming images is now faster.
- Other minor changes.

3.0 (4/11/06)

- Now supports 10.3.9 for the holdouts.
- Now correctly saves files with "/" in the name.
- Revert now works as expected.

3.0b2 (4/3/06)

- Now correctly reads non-ascii characters in old school Quickdraw based clippings.
- Now does font substitution when reading files that are created if needed instead of not opening the file.
- No longer occasionally incorrectly saves ATSUI font attributes.
- Now correctly uses Page Setup settings when printing.
- Fixed a crash when saving heavily styled text pasted from external applications.

3.0b1 (3/28/06)

- Now a Univeral Binary for native Intel support.
- Completely rewritten in Cocoa.
- Now contains all text editor features found in Cocoa applications such as TextEedit.
- New steamlined interface.
- Can now zoom images up from 25% to 400%.
- Can now select an area in images to cut, copy and crop.
- Can now use the color picker to eye drop colors from images.
- Can now export images as PNG and TIFF.
- Image size and cursor position are now shown in toolbar items.
- Can now export text as RTFD.
- New automatic update checking.
- Many other changes.
- Requires 10.4 and higher.

2.8 (1/20/04)

- ClipEdit now requires Mac OS 10.2 or higher.
- ClipEdit is free and only officially supported for registered users until 8/1/04. We cannot guarantee a quality product in the future because of problems in REALbasic and are not planning on rewriting ClipEdit in a different development environment.
- Now uses the OS Font Panel which should make overall speed faster.
- NOTE: Do not use the color picker in the Font Panel, there is an OS bug which causes it not work in Carbon apps and will cause ClipEdit to crash when trying to use the normal color picker.
- NOTE: ClipEdit does not support the font effects in the Panther Font Panel.
- Removed the 250 font limit.
- Added support for the OS Find clipboard. ClipEdit will now inherit and send the find string to and from other applications such as Safari and TextEdit.
- Removed color menu and color toolbar menu and now always use the OS color picker.
- Optimized numerous places for user interface speed improvements.
- Added a new application icon.
- Fixed minor user interface problems under Panther.

2.7 (1/15/03)

- Added correct horizontal scrollwheel support and fixed normal support to scale correctly.
- ClipEdit now provides Services (doesn't work from Cocoa apps because of bugs in the OS).
- Text clipping no longer scroll to the bottom when opened.
- Now launches faster.
- Contextual menus now use the correct font size.
- Fixed a crash on quit bug under Jaguar (because of bugs in REALbasic).
- Fixed live resizing problem in the preferences window under Jaguar.
- Fixed oddness when quitting and saving with multiple windows open.
- ClipEdit can now be renamed without the Finder crashing a horrible death.
- Numerous interface tweaks, including new toolbar icons and about window.

2.6 (4/18/02)

- Update focused on achieving the "best" Aqua adoption level.
- Added support for long file names and file extensions.
- Added live window resizing.
- Added Scrollwheel support.
- Added support for the Services menu.
- Changed save clipping dialogs to sheets.
- Changed ask save changes dialogs to sheets.
- Added a review documents dialog.
- Added a Dock tile menu.
- Document windows now respect the Dock.
- Added Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech support.
- Added export as iPod note for text clippings.
- Added full proxy icon support.
- Added stylized text paste support.
- Tweaked UI for better Aqua compliance.
- Now creates a new clipping when clipEdit is clicked on and no windows are open.
- Updated preference file format, users will have to reset the preferences.
- ClipEdit is now a bundle.
- Now correctly implement the window command "bring all to front."
- Various minor bug fixes and optimizations to 2.5 beta code.

2.1.5 Classic version (3/15/02)

- Fixed a bug that would cause clipEdit not to save styled text.
- Added new clipping from clipboard option.
- Various minor changes.

2.5b2 (9/25/01)

- Recompiled with REALBasic 3.5 for Mac OS X 10.1 compatibility.
- Printing text clippings now works again.
- Various bug fixes.

2.5b1 (7/23/01)

- Carbonized for use with Mac OS X only.
- Added a windows menu, which includes: minimize/close current window, bring all to front, cycle through windows, and lists all open windows with correct marking.
- Added an optional WYSIWYG font menu, it's slow on Mac OS X, but hey, it's there.
- Added an 'Open Recent' menu.
- Added a smart toolbar option which allows the toolbar to stick to the top/left edge of the screen and doesn't allow windows to go under it.
- Added font size 11 to the font menu and changed the default font to Lucida Grande 11 point.
- Added an 'Other...' font size option.
- Added export options to the contextual menu.
- Reworked the way pictures clippings are displayed, for future features. Hint hint. =)
- Replaced the toolbar tips with Carbon help tags.
- Changed the default text export option to use a '.txt' file extension instead of type/creator.
- Changed the internet clipping export format to be usable under OS X, the previous format would cause the OS X Finder to 'freak out' when using a CE-made internet clipping.
- Added an option to disable the font count check warning on launch.
- Made clipEdit not open a clipping if it was already open, rather just activate the correct window.
- Fixed a bug where new picture windows wouldn't show up in the right spot if no other windows were open.
- Fixed a bug that if the toolbar was hidden, then shown again, the font size & type menus wouldn't work correctly.
- Fixed a bug where the save button wasn't activating/deactivating correctly.
- Fixed a bug in which the style options wouldn't turn on/off when necessary.
- Fixed a bug where the menu bar didn't update correctly when no windows were open.
- Fixed a bug in which the color menu wouldn't update until the user started typing with the new color selected.
- Tweaked UI for OS X, which includes sheets and animations.
- A lot of other tweaks/fixes/optimizations, it's all one big blur man...(that's probably how the bugs got there in the first place).

2.1.3 & 2.1.4 (7/23/01)

- Fixed a bug that would cause clipEdit to freeze after a long period of use, or when quitting.
- Fixed the "constant disk access" bug, which was also related to the freeze on quit.
- Changed internet clipping format to be compatible with Mac OS X.
- Various other bug fixes.

2.1.2 (10/16/00)

- Fixed a bug that would cause a clipping to loose its data when saved.
- Fixed a crash when exporting an internet clipping with "mailto:" in the selected text.

2.1.1 (9/14/00)

- Prepared for making clipEdit a carbonized application.
- Fixed a bug that would cause selecting a lot of text to be very slow. (*long standing issue)
- Overall speed, including typing responsiveness, should be much faster due to internal changes.
- Fixed a bug that would make clipEdit slow to a crawl when lots (I mean lots!) of fonts were installed.
- Proportional scroll bars now work in the text clipping editor.
- Home and end keys work correctly.
- Updated the cut/copy/paste icons in the toolbar.
- A few other minor tweaks.

2.1 (7/2/00)

- Added proxy icons to the window headings. (The little icon next to the window title.)
- Fixed the italic, bold, and underline buttons from flickering when using a theme/scheme.
- Picture clippings can now be exported into several popular graphics formats.
- The "Save As" function is now compliant with Mac OS standards.
- "New school" about box, inspired by Panic Inc. ;)
- ClipEdit 2.1 now requires a Power PC.

2.0.3 & 2.0.4 (3/9/00)

- Fixed a bug that would use the wrong text color when using a theme/scheme.
- ClipEdit will now quit when sent a quit command via AppleEvent.
- All windows will now disable correctly when not in the front.
- ClipEdit is now more theme/scheme savvy.

2.0.2 (2/9/00)

- Re- release of the 2.0.1 version that fixed a bug that caused a NIL Object Exception when saving new text clippings.

2.0.1 (2/1/00)

- Fixed a bug that would cause the last font to be selected when selecting a font from the fonts menu.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the "Save As..." function to work correctly.
- When renaming a clipping the current clipping title now shows up in the renaming window.

2.0 (1/26/00)

- Added multiple instances to clipEdit, that means the user may edit more than one clipping at a time.
- When exporting a text document the styled information is retained.
- Added a tool bar that contains many of the commonly used commands.
- Added undo/redo when editing text clippings.
- Added the ability to import images into picture clippings. (requires Quicktime)
- Added very primitive memory checks, to make sure everything works correctly in low memory situations.
- Reduced flicker when scrolling a picture clipping.
- Changed the way internet clippings are created. The user selects the entire internet address in the text clipping then uses the export clipping menu to select the type of clipping they want to create.
- Added cancel button to the preferences window.
- Changed the preferences file format. Sorry, but you'll have to reset your prefs.
- Fixed a crash that would occur if the user tried to copy a picture when editing a picture clipping but the picture didn't exist.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the Preferences window to show up disabled even though it wasn't.
- Removed the button to switch between text and picture clipping windows.
- Numerous other tweaks.

1.6 (12/2/99)

- Fixed a bug that would show the plain text menu checked, even if the text wasn't "plain."
- Fixed a bug that would prevent clippings from showing their styled information when opened by dropping them onto the text clipping window.
- Changed clipEdit's creator code to wcCE
- Added the ability to open clippings via an "open using" contextual menu plugin.
- Added command- y to create new picture clipping (had to make it something ;- ) ).

1.5 (9/30/99)

- Added the ability to print.
- Added find, and find/replace functionality in a big way.
- Added a revert function.
- Added basic contextual menu commands.
- Added a preference to automatically name text clippings when saving.
- Added a preference to automatically save text clippings when you close the editor window.
- Added a preference to set the default font and size clipEdit uses when creating a new clipping.
- Fixed a bug that would not allow you to deselect bold/italic/underline using the buttons under certain conditions.
- Fixed a possible crash when making an email address a URL clipping.
- Fixed a bug that would let you quit even if you canceled the saving operation from an open dialog box.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

1.1 (8/30/99)

- Save button wasn't showing up as disabled when the text clipping window was inactive.
- Save menu wasn't enabled when it should have been.
- Added the ability to import text.
- Added the ability to export text.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent clipEdit from realizing a clipping had been changed if you
selected certain style options but didn't change the text.
- Fixed a bug that would place the cursor at the end of the text when a clipping was opened.

1.0 (8/1/99)

- First public release of clipEdit.