Show Desktop Version History

1.6.4 (4/11/06)

- Now a Universal Binary for native Intel Mac support.
- Now requires Mac OS X 10.3.9.
- After 'showing all' by clicking the dock icon, Show Desktop no longer stays in the foreground.

1.6.3 (2/8/04)

- Added French and Japanese localizations.
- Fixed a bug on some systems Show Desktop would not be set as a login item when it should be.

1.6.2 (11/1/03)

- Fixed a problem under Panther where the Dock icon would appear in menu bar mode.
- Uses new toolbar look on Panther in the preferences dialog.
- Compiled with gcc 3.3.

1.6.1 (4/16/03)

- Fixed a problem that would prevent the menu bar contextual menu from updating properly.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the Show Finder after hiding applications option to not work correctly
- Changed yet another thing that *may* fix the menu icon drawing bug (keep your fingers crossed).

1.6 (3/12/03)

- Added contextual menu to the menu bar icon. (Note: invoke via control-click, rather than right-click.)
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the Show Finder Window after hiding option to not work correctly.
- Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause the menu bar icon to draw incorrectly after pushing it.

1.5 (2/11/03)

- Added the user requested exclusion list. Items in this list will not be hidden when Show Desktop is used.
- Added the ability to set as a login item.
- Added a work-around when using a custom Dock icon and Proteron's LiteSwitch quits the Dock at startup.
- Updated all the icons for a more OS X-like appearance.
- Updated nib format, tests show this fixed the crash at startup if set as a login item.
- Various minor changes.

1.3.1 (4/22/02)

- Added a graphite desktop icon option, for all of us that are "Aqua-impaired."
- The preferences now update "live" to be more Mac OS X savvy. (Except when changing to/from menubar mode.)
- Fixed another icon scaling problem.
- Fixed the control-click problem, where all other clicks would be absorbed by Show Desktop until you logged out. (I think)
- Fixed a problem that would cause Show Desktop to not show up in the menubar (or the dock) even though it was running.

1.3 (4/10/02)

- To appease the masses, we've added the ability to put Show Desktop in the menubar.
- Added a special menubar icon, so Show Desktop isn't picked on by other menu items for looking different in the menubar.
- Added a "Toggle Visibility" section to the Dock tile menu, which allows you to toggle visibility of individual apps without switching to them.
- Fixed an icon scaling problem when using the Desktop icon for the application Dock icon.
- Now includes complete documentation.

1.2 (4/4/02)

- Added "minimize Finder windows" option when hiding all applications.
- Changed code that effected hiding Netscape in classic.
- Fixed a bug that would cause some applications not to be hidden.
- Minimized "Dock bounce" if Show Desktop is set as a login item.
- No longer hides itself, cause that's just plain silly.
- Tweaked preferences window UI & the label "(Only when no windows are open)" now disables with its parent checkbox.

1.1 (4/1/02)

- Added shift-click to show all applications.
- Tweaked the icon & added the desktop folder icon as an optional dock icon.
- Added a Dock menu with user options.

1.0 (2/19/01)

- First public release of Show Desktop.