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What's New

We are pleased to announce One Key 2.0.2! It supports macOS Mojave and is now a stand alone application. You can find all the details on the One Key page.

Show Desktop has been updated to 2.0! It now fully supports macOS Mojave among a complete refresh. You can find the full details on the Show Desktop page.

What's Not-so-new

With the holidays once again upon us, we've created a Christmas themed bingo game you can play on your phone. Now while sitting around wondering what to do with your family & friends you be the hero and suggest bingo! Head on over to Christmas Bingo to play a round or three while eating another batch of sugar cookies. We hope you enjoy it.

We are pleased to announce Maquarium 2.4.6. This version adds tooltips and increased performance to the conditions graph as well as fixes a few minor issues. Check out the change history for all the details. This update is recommended for all 10.6 users and above.