Bookit Version History

3.7.1 (2/1/06)

- Added French localization.
- Always set all root level properties when syncing Shiira bookmarks.

3.7 (1/21/06)

- Added Shiira browser support.
- Fixed a few bugs wtih Bookmark Menu support in Camino.
- Preview menu improvements: now has icons and live-updates.
- Fixed a bug that would cause .Mac uploading to fail for some users.
- Restored 10.2.8 support for all you hold outs. ;)

3.6 (12/2/05)

- Added .Mac bookmark syncing, enable via the preferences window. (Requires .Mac account.)
- Interface changes to help clarify Bookit's operation.
- Bookit now requires Mac OS 10.3.0 or higher.
- Added an interface for migrating bookmarks from browser to browser.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Bookit to fail to work with the latest versions of Camino.
- Updated restore interface and functionality.
- Checking bookmark links is now substantially faster.
- Bookit now works with OmniWeb when OmniWeb's bookmark syncing is enabled.
- RSS feeds are now maintained between Firefox and other browsers.
- Can now drop URLs onto Bookit's Organize bookmark list.
- File aliases that point to bookmark files are now used, instead of the alias.
- Improved error reporting if reading a bookmark file fails.
- Minor fixes in Safari support.
- Minor fixes in Camino support.
- Other minor enhancements and fixes.

Changes since 3.6b2

- Fixed a bug that prevented the Bookit file save prompt from appearing when syncing.
- Firefox's favIcons are now preserved when syncing.
- Can now import Opera bookmarks when they don't have type/creator information.
- Bookmarks with complex javascript will now be parsed correctly (Common in Firefox favlets).
- Bookit now removes invalid restore file listings.
- Migrating bookmarks now shows a success dialog.

3.5 (11/23/04)

- When updating OmniWeb 5.x bookmarks, root level folders are now referenced in the collections list.
- RSS feeds (live bookmarks) are now retained in Firefox.
- The bookmarks menu folder is now maintained when opening/importing Bookit files..
- When synchronizing bookmarks. Bookit warns you if Firefox is running.
- Fixed a bug that caused Mozilla/Firefox bookmarks to be identified as Internet Explorer bookmarks.
- Can once again drag URLs out of Bookit to create URL clippings.

Bookit Menu 1.1.4

- When pressed, the icon highlights white (on Mac OS X 10.3 and above).

3.5b3 (10/13/04)

- Tooltips now display the bookmarks' location in the main Bookit window.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Bookit to hang when reading Camino's bookmarks.
- International Internet Explorer bookmarks are correctly recogonized again.
- The toolbar folder in iCab is now fully supported.
- Dropped support for older versions of Camino (pre 0.8)
- Other small changes and fixes throughout.

3.5b2 (8/17/04)

- Fixed a bug that caused Bookit to crash when checking a link's status.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Bookit to hang when trying to Sync bookmarks.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Camino, Opera, and OmniWeb bookmarks to fail to sync under certain circumstances.
- Added option-delete to delete an item without the warning dialog (even when warnings are enabled).
- Can no longer check a link's status using the Info window when other checking is in progress.

3.5b1 (7/29/04)

- Added support for Camino 0.8.
- Added support for Mozilla FireFox.
- Added support for Opera 7.5.
- Added complete support for Safari 1.1
- Added preliminary support for OmniWeb 5 (see known issues in Read Me).
- Updated version checking mechanism and user interface.
- User interface refinements and enhancements
- Added contextual menu commands to the missing bookmarks list for added convenience when organizing bookmarks.
- Added reveal in Finder to the main bookmarks window, to easily locate bookmark files.
- Added copy/paste of bookmarks in the Organize window.
- Miscellaneous other bug fixes and changes.

3.2.1 (7/18/03)

- Added support for Safari 1.0 (dropped support for all previous beta releases).
- Added support for Firebird.
- Fixed a couple bugs in the Safari support.
- (Known issue) Due to a bug in Mac OS X, Bookit sometimes crashes when checking the status of a given address that no longer exists.

3.2 (4/30/03)

- Added support for Safari 1.0b2.
- Added support for the keyword feature of Camino, Mozilla, and Netscape.
- Added the new Bookit Dock Menu application to the package to replace the Bookit Dockling.
- Added German localization.
- Added French localization.
- Changed all references to Navigator or Chimera to Camino to reflect the browser's new name.
- Fixed a bug that would mangle Bookit files if you saved an already existing file.
- Fixed a problem when trying to save a Camino, Mozilla, or OmniWeb bookmark file when the browser wasn't installed on the system.
- Improved overall reliability of the bookmark parsing mechanism.

Bookit Dock Menu 1.0

- Initial release to replace the Dockling. Offers much better reliability and stability than the Dockling.

3.1.2 (2/12/03)

- Fixed a minor writing abnormality when no folder was specified as the Safari Bookmarks Menu folder.
- If Safari is not the default browser, now check for a folder called "Bookmarks Menu" to use for Safari's menu folder.
- Added work around for Mozilla 1.3b1 no longer setting the correct file creator on the bookmarks.html file.
- Fixed a bug that would show the wrong display path of bookmark files that weren't located on the startup volume.
- Other minor internal changes.

3.1.1 (1/30/03)

- Added support for Safari browser.
- Created new Bookit file format, the new files have a ".bookit" file extension.
- Added a menu item to change default browser.
- Fixed a problem that would cause the default browser preferences not to be saved.
- Fixed a bug when writing "&" to OmniWeb bookmarks.
- Other minor changes and bug fixes.
- Fixed hang when trying to write updated bookmark files.

Bookit Dockling & Menu 1.1

- Updated to use the new Bookit file format.

3.0 (12/11/02)

- Added support for tabbed bookmarks in Mozilla, Netscape and Chimera.
- Revised the Bookit Menu application's menu bar icon.
- Added full support for Opera 6b3 and above.
- The dockling and menu app correctly display HTML escaped characters.
- Fixed an inconsistency with the comparison method Bookit uses. The fix prevents some bookmarks from being listed as missing, even if they're not.
- Bookit now reads the toolbar tag for Mozilla, Netscape, and Chimera to determine the correct personal toolbar folder.
- After opening a Bookit file from the Finder the main window is no longer displayed over the edit window.
- No longer escape & to & in Mozilla/Netscape addresses.
- Fixed an incorrect unicode HTML escape sequences for ",".

3.0b3 (12/3/02)

- Fixed problem with Bookit on Mac OS X 10.1.

3.0b2 (12/2/02)

- Added a new Bookit Menu application that displays bookmarks in a global system menu.
- Fixed a problem that would cause Bookit to fail to recognize the Favorites.html file as a valid bookmark file.
- Restored 10.1 compatibility.
- Added a preference to check for updates on startup.
- Bookit now writes Japanese Internet Explorer bookmarks properly.
- Updated the Navigator (Chimera) bookmark format for the latest nightly builds.
- Fixed a bug when writing new Navigator (Chimera) bookmarks.
- Opera bookmarks are now written with the proper UTF-8 encoding.
- Added support for common unicode HTML escapes.
- Fixed a bug that would cause two help menus to appear in the menu bar.
- Now provide status to the user after canceling broken link checking.
- Changed the drag image when dragging bookmarks from the missing bookmarks list.
- Fixed a crash when opening more than one file per session.
- Slightly modified the new folder behavior, will no longer open the info window if it's not already open.
- Other minor changes.

Bookit Dockling 1.0.2

- The dockling will now work with Bookit 3.
- Added an "Open Bookit" menu to the dockling menu.
- Japanese bookmarks will now be displayed properly in the dockling.

3.0b1 (11/25/02)

- Added support for Navigator (Chimera) browser.
- Added Transfer menu to make bookmark organization easier.
- Added Preview menu to preview your bookmarks before writing updated files.
- Added checking for broken or dead links from within Bookit.
- New advanced file management, changes include automatic locating of Netscape, Mozilla, and Navigator bookmark files.
- Added synchronization of bookmarks from remote computers and Classic browsers.
- Added preference to filter duplicate bookmarks in the default browser's bookmarks.
- Added support for basic bookmark attributes; date visited, scheduling information, and comments.
- New and improved info window displays all bookmark attributes.
- Two-way drag and drop, between the main bookmark list and the missing bookmarks list to ease organization.
- Bookit now properly handles high ascii characters that are escaped in HTML, such as & and Å.
- Bookit properly reads UTF8 bookmarks from Netscape, Mozilla, Chimera, OmniWeb and Opera.
- Added support for Opera 6 toolbar.
- Major interface changes to support new file management and to improve ease of use.
- On first launch Bookit will automatically set the default bookmark file.
- Various other changes and bug fixes throughout the program.

2.2.2 (5/28/02)

- Changed demo behavior, you may now write bookmarks to your default browser when running in demo mode.
- Improved Dutch localization.
- Improved German localization.

2.2.1 (2/11/02)

- Fixed a bug that would prevent Bookit from starting properly. (Bookit would open but nothing would happen.)
- Fixed a bug in the OmniWeb 4.1 bookmark parser.

2.2 (2/11/02)

- Added support for OmniWeb 4.1's new bookmark format.
- Added support for iCab 2.7's new bookmark format.
- Added support for dividers in OmniWeb 4.1, adds an empty bookmark in previous versions of OmniWeb.
- Can open exported URL Manager Pro bookmarks using the Open menu (bookmarks must be exported into html first).
- Can open any supported bookmark file using the Open menu.
- Added the ability to save a bookmark file in any file format (iCab, Internet Explorer, Netscape, OmniWeb, and Opera)
- Contextual menus now work again, broke in 2.1 (oops).
- Various minor bug fixes.

2.1.1 (10/15/01)

- Added a check to make sure browsers that are being written to aren't running when Bookit writes their bookmark files.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Bookit to crash when deleting an item if the warnings were turned off.
- Fixed several parsing bugs when reading Internet Explorer files.
- Fixed a bug that would cause bookmark backup and restoring to fail under certain circumstances.
- Relaxed error checking when importing bookmark files.

2.1 (10/2/01)

- Bookmark & folder attributes can be edited in-line, so you don't need to open the info window (double click an item to start editing).
- Drag and drop now handles multiple items.
- May now delete multiple items at once.
- Added bookmark sorting, can sort bookmarks by name or address.
- Added collapse and expand folder menu options.
- The bookmark list now remembers the column widths.
- Improved error checking. Bookit no longer quits when it hits an error when reading bookmark files.
- The download button works when checking for updated versions of Bookit (was linked to the wrong file online).
- Bookit now handles empty folders in OmniWeb and iCab correctly.
- Fixed a bug that would cause iCab bookmarks to fail to be written under certain conditions.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Bookit to crash when importing OmniWeb bookmarks with a lot of comments.
- Various other tweaks and bug fixes.

Bookit Dockling 1.0.1

- The dockling now works if the dockling file contains empty folders (removes the empty folder from the menu).
- The dockling now works if the menu has more than four submenus (doesn't display anything deeper than that because Mac OS X cannot display more than four submenus).

2.0.1 (8/7/01)

- Fixed a bug that would cause Bookit to crash when reading Internet Explorer, Bookit, and Bookit dockling files. (See Read Me for more information.)


-Completely re-written in Cocoa for Mac OS X.
- Added a Dockling for quick access to bookmarks from the Dock.
- Now supports all Mac OS X browsers only: Netscape 6 or Mozilla, Omniweb 4.0, iCab, Internet Explorer and Opera.
- Major speed improvements.
- Full Drag and Drop bookmark organization (and it's about time!).
- Added bookmark printing.
- Added an auto update feature.
- Streamlined and snazzy Mac OS X interface.