Make text and picture clippings more useful

ClipEdit is a small application that allows you to create and edit text and picture clippings. Yes, you read correctly, edit clippings! ClipEdit also exports any internet address to an internet clipping. Picture clippings can be zoomed and cropped and text clippings can be edited like a normal text file. If you use clippings frequently you'll wonder how you lived without ClipEdit for so long.

Note: After many years, ClipEdit has been retired. The download is provided for legacy users only.

Download : 3.0.3 Price : Unavailable

ClipEdit Screenshots

screenshot thumbnail Text Clippings The text editor allows editing and creating text clippings, that's right, edit clippings.
screenshot thumbnail Picture Clippings The picture editor allows you to create, crop, zoom and export picture clippings.
screenshot thumbnail Zoom and Crop Use ClipEdit to zoom in and crop the image to the size you want easily.

More Features

Being written in Cocoa, ClipEdit allows you to style & edit text with all the features you'd expect in a complete text editor. ClipEdit also allows you to import and export text and image files.

ClipEdit is able to print text and picture clippings. It also features graphic import and export features, for easy conversion of any picture clipping you may have.

Drag and drop friendly, ClipEdit makes adding text to clippings a snap. ClipEdit also supports: contextual menus, help tips, sheets, and other Mac OS specific technologies.


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System requirements : Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher.