Quick Change Version History

3.0 (2/1/06)

- Added automatic illegal character replacement in file names for copying them to other platforms.
- Now Universal binary for native Intel support. Requires 10.3.9 or higher.
- Can now batch change file extensions.
- When saving type/creator it now updates the file modification date.
- When dropping a file on the Quick list it now automatically fills the file description with the kind information.
- Tooltip for the selected file now shows the application to open the file and the file kind.
- Fixed a bug in which you couldn't modify quick list descriptions after being saved in Mac OS 10.4.
- All new user interface.
- Other minor improvements and changes.

2.6 (3/12/03)

- Added the ability to open a file by dropping it onto Quick Change's icon.
- Now using the correct disclosure button style for the toggle drawer button.

2.5.1 (1/30/03)

- Return now ends editing in the quick list.
- Fixed a crashing bug when using Mac OS X 10.1.

2.5 (1/15/03)

- Re-written from scratch in Cocoa to eliminate numerous user interface drawing & performance problems caused by REALbasic. Not to mention Cocoa is where it's at.
- Unified type/creator and extension information. Users can now only add extensions to files without them in Quick Change.
- Fully supports long file names.
- Now truncates file names that are too long to display.
- Added drag re-ordering to the quick list.
- Can now drag the open file icon to the quick list.
- Added inline editing to the quick list.
- Streamlined the user interface and now leverage various Mac OS X features.
- New spiffy icon.
- Removed Quick Peek from the bundle cause it was subpar. Use Quick Change in its place.

2.0b2 (9/25/01)

- Recompiled with REALBasic 3.5 for Mac OS X 10.1 compatibility.
- Various minor bug fixes.

2.0b1 (7/23/01)

- Carbonized for use with Mac OS X only.
- Added the ability to add and store file extensions under Mac OS X.
* reading file extensions isn't bulletproof, so don't send bugs reports asking why the file 'this.is.cyptic.' doesn't show up right, it's free remember. ;-)
- Added the ability to close documents opened in Quick Change.
- Added the ability to manually add type/creator and file extension information.
- Created minimal help information about type/creator vs. file extensions
- Added various alert dialogs to protect the user from 'happy accidents.'
- Modified the interface for OS X.
- Various other minor changes.

1.3 (4/16/01)

- Added the ability to batch process folders.
- Fixed a bug that would cause Quick Change to freeze on launch, under Mac OS 9.1 when running the Metrowerks metroNub extension.
- Tweaked the user interface.

1.2 (1/26/00)

- Quick Change will now open any file dropped on its icon in the Finder.
- Displays the icon of the open file in the main window (requires 8.5 or above).
-Remade the Quick Peek application, it is now "cooler" and works better.
-Fixed a bug that would prevent the contextual menu from refreshing correctly when an item was deleted from the list of types & creators.
- Minor interface changes.

1.1 (8/1/99)

- Added a menu option to let the user select a file to change the open file's type and creator to.
- Fixed some minor cosmetic flaws in the type/creator list.
- Changed Quick Change's icon.

1.0 (4/14/99)

-First final release of Quick Change.
-Made Quick Change recognize every file type and creator. Woo-Hoo!
-Included an AppleScript to allow users to quickly view the type and creator of any file dropped onto it.

0.9 (3/2/99)

-First public release of Quick Change.